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Produced By Mutt Lange,Nickelback & Joey Moi

Mixed by Randy Staub at the Warehouse Studios, Vancouver, B.C
Assisted by Zach Blackstone
Expact for Tracks 3, 7 &11 Mixed by Joey Moi @ Mountainview Studios, Abbotsford, B.C
Track 4 mixed by Chris Lord Alge
@ Mix LA - Assisted by Nik Karpen and Keith Armstrong
Track 10 Mixed by Mike Shipley
@ The Animal House, Assisted by Brian Wohlgemuth

Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

Music by Nickelback Expact Tracks 1, 4, 7, 8, & 11 Music by Nickelback & R.J.Lange Lyricks by Chad Kroeger

Published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp/Arm Your Dillo  Publishing Inc./Zero-G Musik Inc./Black Diesel Musik Inc./ Blak Adder  Music(SOCAN), Administered. By Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI).  Expect Track 1, 4, 7, 8 & 11 Published by Warner-Tamerlane  Publishing Corp/Arm Your Dillo Publishing Inc./Zero-G Musik Inc./Black  Diesel Musik Inc./ Blak Adder Music(SOCAN), Administered.  By Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) And (For US) Out Of Pocket  Productions Ltd. Administered by Universal Music - Z Tunes LLC (ASCAP);  (For European Economic Area) Out Of Pocket Productions Ltd. Administered by IMAGEM London Ltd. (PRS); (For rest of World) Out Of Pocket  Productions Ltd. Administered by Universal Music Publishing Group

Editing And Additional Engineering: Olle Romo & Scott Cooke
Studio Operations: Bradley Kind
Studio Chef : Jason Perry
Recorded At Mountainview Studios, Abbotsford, B.C Canada
A&R : Ron Burman

Management Bryan Coleman For Union Entertainment Group

Booking Agent: The Agency Group
Ralph James/Canada, Steve Kaul/USA, Neil Warnock/ UK.
Business Managers: GSO Inc. Bernie Gudvi & Jeff Hinkle
Legal: SIMKIN ASOCIATES/ Johnathan Simkin
Website: Torry Court & Shockstream
Band Photography: Chapman Beahler
Art Direction & Design: Jeff Chenault & Eleven 07


CHAD KROEGER: I would like to thank my family and friends for their love and support - Especially Marianne for putting up with all my crap! You are the only one who could have done it!

RYAN PEAKE: I would like  to thank Treanna and the kids for their patience and support, as well  as all my family and friends. They have played a huge part in making  this band a success, and I can only hope for more great memories down the road.

MIKE KROEGER: I would like to thanks Angela, Dawson  and Avalon for their unfailing love and support. Thanks also to all  my family and friends for supporting us since this started as a  pipedream. I want to thanks Chad, Ryan and Daniel for being the best  band a guy could hope to be in. Without our fans, the greatest fans in the world, we would be nothing - thank you all. I could go on, but I'm not going to. I am blessed to know so many wonderful people who have  made this album, and our career a possibility. Thank you all so much.

DANIEL ADAIR: I would like thank my beautiful wife Brittany, Orco, Boots and Mr Nikkies, Garrison, John Good, Don Lombardi and Steven Vega at  Drum Workshop. Terry Cheesecake, Ryan, Peters Sears and Chris Stankee at Sabian Cymbals. Matt Conners at Remo Drumheads. The Calato family at Regal Tip Drumsticks. Bob Kasha at Metrophones/Big Bang. Darren at Mountain Rhythm. Danica at Levy's Leather. Dave Martone and David Spidel from Outer Space. Leith "SGT SLAUGHTER" Pedersen and all my  family and friends for their love and support.

Our Friends and Family @ Roadrunner Records Worldwide for your continued hard work
EMI Records, Canada,Warner Chappel Music, Union Entertainment, The  Agency Group, GSO Inc,, MuchMusic, MTV, VH-1, Warehouse Studios, Randy  Staub, Zack Blackstone, Mike, Shipley,Chris Lord - Alge, Bryan Coleman, Tim Heyne, Brad Rossa, Alex Seif, Joey Moi , Chief & Dave  Loncao, April Rund,Robert Kondrk,Jay Lepsis, Ian Low, Dave Fortune, Ralpg James, Lorain Web, Steve Kaul, Megan Kesler, Neil Warnock,  Samantha Henfrey; Bernie Gudvi, Jeff Hinkle,Sandy Cohen, Janice Staub,  Riz, John Simkin, John Branka, Jason Garner, Michael Rapino, Mitch Tenzer, David Landi, Felix Sebacious, Ute Linhart, Greg Sowders, Chad  Vogelsong, Roger Gibbson, Larry Thomas Debbie Rosenblatt, John Greenstreet, Rob Mackie, Mark Mital, Scott Stanley, Eddie Bull, Thomas Hague, Lane Arnold Louis Messina, Ron Zeelans, Sammy Choi.

We  would also like to thank our amazing Touring crew and all our Touring Companies from around the world.There are too many to name and list, But we appreciated each and everyone of you for your continous hard work and effort in making our shows sound and look amazing.

Last but  not least we would like to thank our fans for their unfailing support  the last thirteen years. Without you non of this would be possible.


Scott Uchida at Dunlop
Winn Krozarck at PRS Guitars
Derek Brooks and Brian Ball at Ernie Ball
David Ellefson at Peavey
Scott Ferarra and the late great Jack Nau at EMG
Tien Lawrence at Mesa Boggie.
PJ Rubland Stuart Spector at Spector
Mike Tempesta at Yamaha
Wookie at Tone Pros
Dave and Tarina Dunwoodie at GraphTech
Jennifer Plonski at Vox Amplifications
Billy Siegel at Fender
Matt Ferguson at Gibson
Andy Fuchs at Artists Relations
Art Arras at A&S Cases