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Produced by Nickelback and Joey Moi, Mixed by Randy Staub at Warehouse Studios  Vancouver, B.C. Assisted by Zach Blackstone *Mixed by Mike Shipley  at Shabby Road, Studio City, CA Assisted by Brian Wohlgemuth, Engineered by Joey Moi, Digital Editing by Ryan Andersen and Joey Moi, Recordet  at Mountenview Studios, Abbotsford, B.C. Masterd by Ted Jensen at  Sterling Sound, NYC

A&R Ron Burman, Management:Bryan Coleman for Union Entertainment  Group, Photography: Richard Beland, Studio Photography: Kevin Estrada,  Album Coordinator: Kevin €˜Chief” Zaruk, Art Direction: Jeff Chenault  & Mr. Scott Design

Piano on €˜Savin` Me” and ”€˜Everyone Cared” by Timmy Dawson, Additional  guitar & vocals on €˜Follow You Home” & €˜Rockstar” by Billy F.  Gibbons, Billy F. Gibbons appears courtesy of RCA Records, Thank you to  Rita Haney, Vinnie Paul and Atlantic Records, For Dimebag Darell`s  guitar solo on €˜Side Of A Bullet”, Additional strings on €˜Far Away” by  Brian Larson, Additional strings on €˜Fallen”
by Toni Bernal, Finn Manniche and Henry Lee, Organ on €˜Rockstar” by Chris Gerstrin, Additional string arrangements by Joey Moi

Lyrics by Chad Kroeger / Music by Nickelback

Published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corb./Arm Your Dillo  Publishing, Inc./Zero-G Music Inc./Black Diesel Music/Black Adder Music  (SOCAN), Administered by Warner-Tamerlane (BMI)

Touring / Studio Crew, Tour Manager/FOH. Kevin ”Chief” Zaruk,  Productin Manager: Anthony Greenham, Tour Assistant: Laura €˜Lewis”  Stahman, Chad`s Tech: Tim €˜Timmy” Dawson, Daniel`s Tech: Andrew €˜Morgan” Mawhinney, Mike`s Tech: David €˜Shuu“ Guidish, Peak`s Tech: Kris €˜Dude” Dawson

Booked by: THE AGENCY GROUP, Ralph James: Canada / Over Seas, Steve Kaul: USA, Geoff Meall: Europe, Buisness Manager: GSO INC:, Bernie Gudvi &Jeff Hinkle, Legal: Simkin @ ASSOCIATES, Jonathan Simkin

Nickelback Thanks:
Our friends and family @ Roadrunner Records, Island Def Jam Records,  EMI Records, Canada,Warner Chappel Music, Union Entertainment, The  Agency Group, GSO Inc,, MuchMusic, MTV, VH-1, Warehouse Studios, Randy  Staub, Zack Blackstone, Mike, Shipley, Daniel Moss, Lynda Kusnetz,  Bryan Coleman, Tim Heyne, Byron Hontas, John, Greenberg, Joey Moi,  Ryan Andersen, Ian Low, Dave Fortune, Ralph James, Lorraine, Webb,  Steve Kaul, Geoff Meall, Bernie Gudvi, Jeff Hinkle, Sandy Cohen, Janice  Staub, , Kate Crawford, Riz, Jon Simkin, John Branca, Felic Sebacious,  Ute Linhart, Greg, Sowders, Jen Friesen, Chad Vogelsong, Roger  Gibbons, Larry Thomas, Joe Bamford,, Mark Ludmer, Debbie Rosenblatt,  John Grennstreet, Rob Mackie, Mark Mitel, Tien, Laurance, Matt Ferguson, Jack Nau, Scott Ferrara, David Ellefson, Stuart Spector, P.J., Rubel,  Eric Lansier, Chad Brandolini, Darcy Wray, Scott Stanley, Lance,  Wascom, Jason Mohrlant, Lew Blevins, Eddie Bull, Steve Micheletti, Scott , Uchida, Thomas Hague, Bob and Collin Bonniol, Ron Zeelans, Lon  Porter, Chris Detert, Kevin Young, NJAMS, Brian Wolk, David Iannone,  Jef Lanahan,Randy Fuchs, Mike Tempesta, Jennifer Plonski, Mario  Biferali, David Karon, Danica Levy, Mike Lille, Rick St. Pierre, Lou  Vito, Jack Kontney, Luisa Cabrita, Denise Tam, Ryan Smith, Billy F.  Gibbons, Bill Ham, Noodles, Peter Janis, Winn Krozak, Nigel Dick, Torry  Courte, Martin Bartlett, Dave Scatchard, Martin Lange, Erica Johnson,  Chad Willis, Jay Howard, and all of our fans allover the world, who``s  supported us THANK YOU!

Chad Thanks: Marianne - for having the sweetest coockie in the world, Joey - for always coming up with great ideas in the studio, Kadooh -  for always takin one for the team, Tim - for being the best wing Man ever, Mom and Bill, Dad, Mackie family, Mark Mital, Jon Simkin, Kate,  Janice, Kathleen, Riz, Vinnie Paul, Billy F.Gibbons, Tommy Lee, Ian  Thornley, Default, Theory, Keith Urban, Sammy Hagar and the Cabo Wabo Cantina for all the inspiration, and everyone else I forgot to mention - call me and give me shit

Ryan P. Thanks: Treana, Dax & Acadia, my Mom and Dad, Jason & Melanie Peake, all of my old and new friends, and all of our fans.

Mike Thanks: All of my friends and family. Especially my circus,  Angela, Avalon, Dawson, Anka and Blue. You crazy people make my life  whole and full. My man Shuu, Laurance Mollerup, Dave Martone, Jamie  McLennan, Dr. Kelly Brett, Rick Celebrini, Michelle, Cale and Katia at  Sonorex, Dr. Mahmood

Daniel Thanks: Thanks to my fraulein, Brittany, for endless love and  support, my brother David, Derek, Mike, Frank and Paul at Pearl Drums,  Peter, Terry Cheesecake, Chris and Bobby at Sabian Cymbals, Nick and Carol at Regal tip, Michelle and Matt at Remo, Bob and Big Bang, Tom  Wilhelm, 3 Doors Down and crew,  Morgan, Dave Martone and the band, and  of course, our fans, and everybody that`s helped me along the way!

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Chief, Lewis, Morgan, Dos, Thimmy, Shuu, Anthony, Hawk, Rhyno, Donnie,  Chris M., Wendy, Martin, Prater, Chris S., Skitch, Steve J., Roy, Rich  K., Eli, Jimmy Jam, Dave S., Steve H., Hutch and Chris W.

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