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Produced by Nickelback and Joey Moi,Engineered by Joey Moi, Assisted by Alex  “Laquaysh”€ Aligizakis Digital Editing by Ryan Andersen and Joey  Moi, Recorded at Grenhouse Studios, Burnaby, B.C.and  Mountainview Studios, Abbotsford, B.C., Mixed by Randy Staub,Assisted by Zach Blackstone‚ Mixed at theWarehouse Studios, Vancouver, B.C.,  Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

 A&R: Ron Burman, All Music by Nickelback. All Lyrics by Chad Kroeger except Someday, lyricks by Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger and Ryan Peake.  Published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corb. (BMI/Arm Your Dillo  Publishing Inc./Zero-G Musik Inc./Black Diesel Musik Inc./Ladekiv  Inc. (SOKAN), administered. By Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI).

 Additional strings on Someday by Brian Larsen, Cameron Wilson, Henry Lee  and Zoltan Rozsnyai, Female voice on Feelin` Way Too Damn Good by  Corinne Youchezin, Management: Bryan Coleman for Union Entertainment  Group

 Album Coordinator: Kevin €˜Chief” Zaruk Studio Mother: Selena ˜Selones” Hollebone Additional Runners: Bree Cassidy

 Touring/Studios Crew: Tour Manager/FOH: Kevin €˜Chief” Zaruk, Tour Assistant: Laura  €˜Lewis” Stahmann, Nik€`s Tech: Andrew ˜Morgan” Mawhinney Mike`s  Tech: David €˜Shuu” Guidish, Ryan`s Tech: Kris ˜Dude” Dawson, Chad`s  Tech: Tim €˜Timmy!” Dawson

 Bridge paintings & sketches: Dave Edwards, Painter`s studio photos: Andre  Pinces, Band Photography: Daniel Moss, Creative Director: Lynda Kusnetz, Design: Morning Breath, Inc.

For official Nickelback merchandise, contact Blue  Grape Merchandising: or call 1-800-47-GRAPE (North  America) (UK/Europe)

Chad Thanks: Marianne, Mom and Dad. Ryan P. Thanks: Treana, Mom and Dad,  Jason and Mel. Mike Thanks: Angela, Dawson, Avalon, Mom and Dad. Ryan V. Thanks: Tomoe, Mom and Dad, Darren and Shelley, the Fujita family.

 Special thanks to all of our friends and family for being there and for your continued support.

 Nickelback Thanks:
Chief, Lewis, Morgan, Dos, Timmy, Shuu, Sparky, Mr and Mrs Maeder, Steve  J. , Mike K., Lunch Box 365, Wendy, Jim W., JC.Hawk, Kerwin, Lee, Chris, Roy, Suki, Wendall, Flynn, Donnie, Anthony, Thurston, Joff, Ian  Eagle, Jack Bob and the entire Nickelback touring Crew, Jon  Simkin, Sammi & Nirva at  NHL, Chad at JVC, Jim Beam, Marc at Rode  Mics  Rail, Dayton Boots, Budweiser, Daniel Moss, Bruce  and Roger Levens, Everyone at Greenhouse & Warehouse Studios, Ian  Lowe, Dave Fortune, MuchMusic. Mtv, VH-1, Fuse, Ron Chamberlain, Peter  Young, Wane Jarvis, Martin Barlett. Neil Zlowzoner, Ashley Maille, John  Branca, Bryan Coleman and everyone at Union Entertainment. Everyone at  Roadrunner Records, Everyone at EMI Records, Everyone at Island Def Jam, Ralph, Steve, Geoff, Neil and everyone at The Ageny Group, Greg  Sowders, Les Bider and all at Warner Chappell, Felix, Ute and allat Blue Grape. Kevin Peterson, Howie at KEWL. Jen and everyoneat Oakley, Fender, Gretsch, Giuld, Jeff Lanahan, Debbi Rosenblatt. Roger Gibbons,  Larry Thomas, Joe Bamford, Dave Greene, John Greenstreet, Rob Mackie,  Nigel Dick, Randy Turner, Sheldon Dingwall, Tien Lawrence,  David Iannone, Jennifer Plonski, Greg Peterson, Matt Ferguson, Jimmy  Archey, Lou Vito, Markus Ing and Jack Nau, Dave Ellefson, Greg Beebe,  Stuart Spector, Gene Provencio, Chad €˜Brando” Brandolini, Laurence  Mollerup, Michael Brown, Kate Crawford, Chris Crippin, Darcy Wray, Scott Stanley, Mark and the Roxy, Kristy Jo Haima, Randy and Janice Staub,  Lance €˜Pants” Wascom, Joey, Alex Selena. Bree, Ryan, Bernie Gudvi, Jeff Hinkle, Sandy Cohen, Zara Novian, and all at GSO. Eddie Bull, Dave  Peterson, P.J Rubal, Mike Oughton, Randy Fuchs, Scott Uchida, Kimberley  Quinn, James McGathy, Dave Edwards, Kid Rock, Dimebag Darrell, Carlos  Santana, Lia Vollack, Peter McCallah, Carleen and Linda at KSA  Publicity, Extra thanks to all of the people behind the scences that  help make touring possible - everyone from the bus drivers,  truck drivers, security, catering, lighting, sound and pyro crews... We  couldn`t do this without you.

Nickelback tours with the help of the following:
Hal Joe Buses, Truck’n Roll, Christie Lites, B and R Scenery, Preferred  Travel, Ultimate Ears, Electrotec, Horizon Entertainment, J.E.M. F/X.  GSO. Trunker Industries. Louden Security, Smart Art Itineraries, Tour  Supply, Entertainment Inc., Tour Tech East, Fm Systems, and  Preferred Customs Broker.

Nickelback Endorsers:
Avedis  Zildjian Co., Ayotte Drums, Dingwall Bass, EMG, Ernie Ball Inc., Gibson  Guitars, Korg USA. Marshall. Vox. Mesa Boogie, Monster Cable, Morgan  Guitars, Paul Reid Smith, Peavey. Sam Ash Music, Warwick Basses, King  Double Bass, Sennheiser, Spector Basses, Tacoma Guitars, Tama, Hoshino  USA, Tech 21, Vater Percussion, Rode Mics, Dunlop, Coleman Audio, Furman and Remo Drum Heads.

Nickeback thanks every fan who has ever  bought an album or has ever come out to see a Nickelback show. We will  see you on the road in 2003/2004.