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Chad Kroeger - Lead Vocals and Guitars
Ryan Peake - Guitars and Vocals
Mike Kroeger - Bass
Ryan "Nik" Vikedal - Drums

Produced by Rick Parashar and Nickelback, Enginered by Joey Moi, Assisted by Pat "Sajak" Sharman
Digital Editing by Geoff Ott and Joey Moi, Recorded at Greenhouse Studios, Burnaby, B.C., Canada
Production Coordinator: Kevin "Chief" Zaruk

Mixed by Randy Staub, Assistant Engineer and Pro Tools operator: Alex Aligazakis
Second Assistants: Kristina ARdon and Kevin Fairbairn, Mixed at  Armoury Studios, Vancouver, B.C., Canada Mastered by Georger Marino at  Sterling Sound, NYC, A&R: Ron Burman

Lyrics by Chad Kroeger, Music by Nickelback
Published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)/Arm Your Dillo
Publishing INc./Zero-G Muisic Inc./M. Kroeger Publishing  (SOCAN), administered Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI), except  track 5 published by Arm Your Dillo Pubilshing Inc./Zero-G Music  Inc/M.Kroeger Publishing (SOCAN), administered by Warner-Tamerlane  Publishing Corp. (BMI).

Management: Bryan Coleman for Union Entertainment Group Bookings: The Agency Group
Ralph James (Canada - Steve Kaul (U.S.) - George Meall (UK) Legal Representation: Jonathan Simkin/Simkin & Co.

Kevin "Chief" Zaruk - Tour Manager and F.O.H.
Andrew "Morgan, Morgel, Morgelius, Gelius, Skinny Mawhinney" - Drum Tech
Kris "Biter, The Dude, Duer, Dos, El Duderino, His Dudeness" Dawson - Guitar¬ Tech

Design + Illustration:
Band Photography: Daniel Moss, Slide guitar on "Good Times Gone" by Ian Thornley
Ian Thornley appears courtesy of Atlantic Records

To All the bands...
3 Doors Down (our small town brothers), Default, Creed,  Sevendust, Lifehouse, Staind, Foo Fighters, Fuel, Oleander, Everclear,  S.T.P., Kiss, Big Wreck, 311, Incubus, Godsmack... as well as all their  road crews, who went out of their way to help us out on tour.

Rick Parashar, Randy Staub, Geoff Ott, Joey Moi, Bryan Coleman and all  at Union Entertainment Group, Ralph James and Lorraine Webb and all at  The Agency Group Canada, Bill Merry, Stev Kaul, Seth, Ken Fermalich and  all at The Agency Group U.S.A., Ron Burmanm, Jonas Nachsin, Ceese  Wessels, Mark Abramson and a special thanks to all at Roadrunner Records, Dave Loncao and the entire Roadrunner radio dept., Harlan Frey  and Veronica Vallada for keeping us alive out on the road, Lynda Kusnetz for taking care of us, all at EMI Music Canada, Kevin Donnelly,  Dave Fortune and HOB, SFX, Jan Seedman, everyone at Not Just Another  Music Shop, Shuriya Guitarcraft, Paul Iverson, Jane, Alex, Kristina and  Kevin at the Armoury, Bruce Roger and staff at Greenhouse, Bill McGathy, Greg Sowders and all at Warner Chappel, Jeff Hanson and all at Jeff  Hanson Management, MTV, MuchMusic, Charts - Chad and Art, Tom and Chris and all at MojoMedia, Davidson & Co accountants, John Greenstreet  at Horizon Entertainment, all the radio personel and promoters across  the country who've supported us...

Friends and Family:
Kevin Zaruk, Kris Dawson, Andrew Mawhinney, Vikedal Family,  Peake Family, Kroeger Family, Coell Family, Harrell Family, Sullivan  Family, Schmit Family, Windy Turton, Margaret Dafoe, Neil Zlozower, Daniel Moss, Flo and The Brooks Boys, Brad Lukowich, Dave Scatchard,  Dennis Kopetsky, Dave Daniels, Brad Isbister, Chris Murdoch, Kevin "Dad" Cassidy, Scott Stanley, Jonathan Simkin, Jennifer Watt, Jody Budau,  Jeff O'Nail, Rob Robson, Bob Mills and all at CFOX, 3 Doors Down, Kevin  Wilson and all at ESPN, Dan Moyse, Dallas Stars, NYI, NHL, NFL, Tina-Marie Steen at Carlson Wagonlit, Debrah Copelan at Tzell Travel,  and Dorothy and Brenda at En Tour.

Extra thanks to all the following for being so kind and for the continued support:
Trunker - Dave and Martin, Ayotte - Randy Turner and staff, Senheiser - Greg Beebe, Mesa Boogie - Sean Beresford and Tien, PRS - Jeff  Lanahan, Fender - Alex Perez, Gibson - Lou, Ernie Ball - Greg Timmons  and Staff, Warwick U.S.A.¬ - Michael Brown, Tobias/Epiphone - Cara Hogan, Tama -Gene Provincio and Time Komonchuk, Zjildian - Kirsten Matt and  Jair Neciosup, Clayton @ SWR, Vater - Chad Brandolini, Tour Supply -Lance and staff, Dunlop - Julie Pienovi, EMG - Marcus and Jack, Dr.  Martens - Patti Pasotr, Amp Merchandising - Pamel and staff, Hal Joe -  Joe Bamford, Blue Grape Merchandising and Jim Beam - Liz Puzzi.

Mike Kroeger Thanks:
Angela Kroeger. Cleona Kreoger left us and will be deeply missed. We warmly welcome Dawson Kroeger to the world. To all my friends and  family.

Ryan "Nik" Thanks:
Mom and Dad, Darren and Shelly Vikedal, extended family, the Hodgson  Family, Corby Lund, Kurt Kiesla, Jessica Lyell, Jane McAlister,  Kim Brownjohn, Jen Hall, Laura and Debbie, Trevor Borchuk, Jay Podlosky, Balls, Saudi, Hofer and all the Brooks Boys, Brooks Hotel and the  memory of Max McAlister.

Ryan P. Thanks:
Treana. I would like to thank my entire family and close friends for constant support in everything I do. Nothing goes unnoticed and I  truly thank you all.

Chad Thanks:
All my friends and family, I thank you all. Janice and Riz at Great Pacific Management