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Nickelback is:
Chad Kroeger: Vocals & Guitar
Brandon Kroeger: Drums
Mike Kroeger: Bass
Ryan Peake: Guitar & Vocals

Words & Music: Chad Kroeger
Arranged by: Nickelback
All Socan

Management: Amar Management
#415a- 470 Granville St.
Van. B.C.
Tel. (604) 687-6522 Fax. 687-6523

Produced by: Jeff Bond & Nickelback
Recorded & Mixed by: Jeff Bond at Crosstown Studios

N.V.B.C. Aug 15-17, 1995 assisted by Mike Kroeger

Nickelback wishes to thank:
Al & Mim at Crosstown Studios, Chad, Art and Brand at Rubber  Room Recording and Rehearsal (Vancouver), Kordlord and Wetzel at  Circus Maximus Records (Vancouver), Kroeger Family, Teresa Kroeger,  Peake Family, Clyde and Terry at Amar, Jeff Bond, CFOX (Vancouver),  CJAY92 (Calgary), all friends in Hanna (you know who you are), W  Turton, Margaret Defoe, Roxy Laughlin, Flo and the Brooks Boys, Treana  Smith, Scott Holman, Gabe Sinclair, Sean Watts, Chris Mair & Lysa  Fowler, the 3 Musketeers, friends of the Village Idiot, Starbucks Coffee Co. (#196)

And above all, Dennis Kopetsky, without whom this album would not be possible.

Photgraphy: Chris Mair

Design: S. Boyd

All Songs Socan