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Chad Kroeger: I  want people to know we’ re a rock band - not an alternative rock band, just a rock band. We’ re not trying to reinvent the wheel - we ’re just  putting our own spin on it.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of you so much who have embraced everything we’ ve done with Nickelback, this means a great deal to me.

I am by no means the ugliest man in rock. I might be one of the most well-hung though!

Chad wurde gefragt ob er und Mike immer gut miteinander ausgekommen sind:
No, not really. I play with him because he's a bass player, and it doesn't hurt that he is my brother

Die Antwort von Chad auf die Frage wie er mit all der Kritik um seine Person umgeht:
Ich mache halt was ich mache. Nichts ist geplant. Und wenn es mal wieder ganz besonders dicke kommt, reicht ein Blick auf meinen Kontostand und ich weiß - irgendwas muss ich wohl richtig machen.
Auf die Frage ob und wie sich das Verhältnis in der Band verändert habe, sagen Ryan und Chad:
Es habe sich nicht geändert. Ryan meint, dass sie sich nicht so oft sehen und so oft sehen, dass es gut ist.
Chad sagt, dass sie sich alle besser denn je verstehen würden. Und an Ryan gewand: “You’re like the best guy I know - I love you”


Ryan Peake: I never had that drive for rock stardom, I always knew I would have music in my life, but not as a career. My whole family are cowboys. I was  kind of at the ass-end of it, and I had to make a choice. My wife keeps me grounded.

People say, I like your CD, but live you're not as good. Thank God we get the opposite comments; people like us live more than they do the CD. I'll  take that - This a poor CD but you sound great live. Fine.


Mike Kroeger: We don't concern ourselves with what everyone else is doing. We're just  interested in making rock-solid and honest Nickelback records

Mike über Chad:
The guy can’ t go anywhere. He can’ t go out for dinner, anywhere, he can’ t  go to a movie theatre, he can’ t go shopping in a super market. I mean, he does, but he always has to take a security guard with him.

Every artist who survives today,is a "Dark Horse", because things change so quickly. At one day you' re a superstar and the next you wake up and nobody knows who you are.


Daniel Adair: I've been in 'real life' mode. Walking the dog, shopping for food, and the normal stuff, and then all of a sudden I'll be in front of thousands of people every night. Kinda weird, I wouldn't change it for the world

There is something to be said for the Mid West, you guys know how to party!

Pretty surreal stuff, amazing to think that playing rock caused all this! Even the recent invite to open for the Rolling Stones in New Zealand is an  honor, somebody pinch me!